Why Uber would fail in India?

Start up boom boomed in India. Not just IT sector and many. Here came big riders in Cab – Ola, Uber. Former is deshi and later is videshi. And difference? Why dont you take drive and get to know yourself. Oh, wait. Don’t. Specially if you dont want to get suffered. And how you would suffer by having these cab had tons of reason and i will share mine.

I have had horrible experience with OLA cab and i have uninstalled not just App but their service for lifetime now. When we needed cab to Airport in the morning, atleast 8 OLA drivers cancelled their trip even after accepting for horrible reason, it was morning 6 AM. I took auto and he drove us happily. And not just this but we had such horrible experience couple of time and i have all log in mail if any body wants and since then i have never looked at OLa.

And last week i needed to visit my brother who met with accident. Travel was S.G. Highway to Odhav, Ahmedabad. I thought to have UBER ride. I downloaded app, booked one trip. All went well. And here come call from cab driver who asked where you want to go. When replied destination he said he can not come. Destination is very much happening part of Ahmedabad and there is no valid reason not to travel there. And when i asked him about his responsibility he just thrown hindi dilogue -“Jo karna ho kar lo, mai nahi aa sakta” [ Do whatever you want, i will not come]. I booked another time and same story. This time drive make more drama that my car is not working properly. And then why the hell they are accepting the booking. I never thought such a bad service from Uber.

And then? I thought to lure Uber driver. I booked another cab. Same story – Driver said he will not come etc but this time i offered return journey immediately in five minutes once he take me there and offered good tip. He came happily, greedily. But then i had to do all these to save my 10 year old kid who was crying in heat of 45 degree Celsius.

Moral of the story – If you need #uber ride for your any emergency trip. Just dont.
They dont have customer care number. You need to only email them. So no help from ill Uber drivers. I did mail them but they replied like they can not do much if driver cancel the trip. Oh wow.

#uber Or #nouber, Of course #nouber. Simply how can you survive in long run in service industry if you treating your customer like this. No basic manner taught to cab drivers – rude and criminal.

2 thoughts on “Why Uber would fail in India?

  • May 31, 2016 at 4:58 am

    I second here. I have similar experience with Uber. Their driver accepts only trip they wish to and i tried to book for ten times and failed when route was 20 km stretch. #FAILUBER

  • June 2, 2016 at 6:11 pm

    Uber is pathetic, arogant, rude and pain in the ass as their drivers do cancel at whims and you keep waiting next booking and again another uber driver would cancle. Hell of their service in india


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