Inspiring story of eight years old tejal


This is inspiring story of Tejal Shah who just study in 3rd standard. She can read with eyes are folded with cover. This is something power of subconscious mind and any one can get hidden energy by some training.

It is said that every human being has hidden powers within his subconscious mind and those powers can be elevated to give superior power to the Mind which can result in amazing achievements. 8 year Old Tanjal Shah with her eyes completely covered with Black color blindfold can do everything that we can do with our eyes open. She can read, identify colors, shapes, currency notes- its serial numbers, identify people from groups , ride bicycle, go around the house, watch TV., play cards. and practically everything that we do with open eyes. She has developed highly sensitive senses of touch and smell and with them she can do everything that requires eyes and sight. This is done with intense meditation and mind power evocation. This highly improved her concentration and memory. Now her next target is to photographically read 100 pages book in 5 minutes and then recall.

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