You should know this about South Africa tour India

With South africa touring India currently, we bought this facts to you that would be interesting to know for you.

Two captains at the toss

India was the first country who welcomed South African Cricket team back in 1992 first time after they started playing cricket again. Yes playing again, they had been banned for good 22 years in cricket arena till then because of skin color discrimination that existed in the South Africa.
Mohammad Azaharuddin was the captain then for India and Clive Rice for South Africa. It was three one day series and India managed to win 2-1 but performance of SA in last one day was exceptional and they never looked back then. India scored 287/4 with Shashtri and Manjrekar both did centuries. But it was SA team work that made them win with 8 wickets with top scorer then KC Wessels with 90 runs and PN Kirsten with 86 runs on their account. When toss happened Clive Rice became emotional and quoted:

“I know how Neil Armstrong felt when he stood on the moon.”

Also India was the first country to visit South Africa to play test series in 1992-93.

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