Shahrukh Khan – an evil mastermind

SRK has a birthday today. Sure we wish high time. But yes we are going to expose him as well. Time and age has gone that you can fool people. Let him face the reality. People felt he has jumped ‘Intolerance jibe’ and many reacted to it. No he has not jumped to intolerance debate anytime nor he would do. No we are not giving him innocence certificate neither he deserve. But surely he has nothing to do with so call intolerance debate or so. He has wasted interest. If you still do not understand how dirty one can go, we will explain it all.

Look at few years ago. My name is khan was about to release. He made all drama of stuck at USA airport for extensive search and all. What was wrong? Nothing, USA is not India and they are very particular about their security. There is no star for them and forget super star or king khan. For them everyone has to pass the security and they have constraints. Now that time SRK did all drama of frisking at airport etc and why? Just to fuel publicity to his upcoming movie My name is khan then to show people how Khan name could be victimized just like he shown world as been victim child of being Khan. Bloody foot. God gave him so much but vulgarity of evilness has not even vertical limit, certainly he has not. He is not actor at all but he is selling his movies by fooling people’s emotions for long time.

Another incident is that when his movie was about to release he made another remark like Pakistani players should be included in IPL team. You know he is owing one team but while selecting player and even after selection he had never raised voice. But when his movie was about to release he had to make some publicity and made that statement. Obviously India can not compromise with terrorist nation who behead our soldiers in day light. How can we have their player in IPL until they have some good intentions for our nations.

And now when his movie ‘Dilwale’ is about to release, he is joining in bandwagon of those who had typical sickular problem or problem in their sperm count god knows and opposing anything good to the nation can have is their habit. What is good in opposing man who stand for progress of India, Narendra Modi? Do they want culprit congress who was about to sell nation again in power?

Time to wake up and reject vulgarity of evilness in their mind. Oh come on, we are not bloody fool.

2 thoughts on “Shahrukh Khan – an evil mastermind

  • November 3, 2015 at 10:37 am

    Great alalysis. Not only he but aamir khan also do the same thing. Wrong publicity for movie when their movie releases.

  • November 3, 2015 at 2:21 pm

    Too crappy mind srk hv..cud hv understood if been in Saudi or Pak..seriously they are earning here and internally they hv no respect for progress of India but want muslim appeasing congress


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