Rishi kapoor tells Times of India a looser and backtrack in five minutes!

Twitter is word of 160. It has apparent advantages like you can express in few words. But it has hidden advantages that many news papers, magazines, News channels rely on. They read beyond those 160 characters and interpret tweet from celebrity/politician out of those 160 character to fit to their TRP requirement. Normally those who tweeted find such extended report laughable since they are not true and some time they take time to clarify it and today Rishi Kapoor took time not just to clarify but lambasted TOI without having second thought about it. Or wait, he had second thought and he put those words nicely in few seconds.

Confused? Just dont be, let us explain things.

When it was birthday of Rishi Kapoor lots of people wished him and one of them was Twinkle Khanna.

She just tried to tease Rishiji and he also replied Twinkle with pulling her leg too.

But then there is media who loves to read beyond this and there comes TOI who had their gossip game turned on by below article where they said Rishi Kapoor is offended by Twinkel Khanna’s tweet. In reality it was proof of warm relationship they share and thus Rishi kapoor, when came to know about this article, took his twitter handle to take on TOI with words like Looser, shameful. But within 4-5 minutes after publishing this tweet he realized that he used some harsh words and instead tweeted with sober words:

But we, Navgujarat Samay Blog has captured deleted tweet and here it is for you to read.


Now we dont know what goes in mind of Rishi Kapoor and he deleted tweet in five minutes and had another sober tweet but we can guess it for sure that he is really pissed off with Times of India’s that gossip piece. This is the article link of TOI.  After Rishi Kapoor tweet, TOI deleted their tweet too. Also TOI changed their article headline where initially it was something like “Rishi kapoor is offended by Twinkle khanna’s tweet” to  “Rishi Kapoor and Twinkle Khanna pull each other’s leg on twitter”. What an effect!

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