nadi ni ret ma aa nagar

One thing i will pray to god that he do not make any one leave his or her city after leaving there for so many years and after being attached to its many things so emotionally. Pain is obvious when you are relocating the place where people does not speak your mother language, do not have your close buddy near by where you can go any time and share your heart over cup of tea. You feel sadden when you leave those knows streets over the years, unknowingly they be part of your life and only time you realize it when you leave your city. Our great poet Adil Mansoori gave words to this sharp feeling that i think no body can ever describe. Posting below to read:

nadini retma ramtu nagar male na male,
fari aa drayshya smruti pat par male na male.

bhari lo swasma eni sugandhno dariyo,
pachhi a matini bhini asar male na male.

parichitone dharai joi leva do,
aa hasta chahera aa mithi najar male na male.

bhari lo aankhma rastao, bario, bhito,
pachi aa shaher, aa galio, aa ghar male na male.

radi lo aaj sabamdhone vitlai ahi,
pachi koine koini kabar male na male.

vatanni dhulthi mathu bhari lau aa dil,
are aa dhul pachi umrabhar male na male


-Aadil Manshuri

View from my previous home balcony.

P.S.  – Just one week back i had left my home city Ahmedabad and shifted to Pune for not a so good reason. I still recall the view from balcony which i used to stare for long.


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