Mount Abu – Tour experience

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Gujarati is the one who never look back in roaming in the world. People say there is no stone on earth that gujarati left unturned to roam around. Shrimati Bijal today elaborate their travel experience in Mount Abu in her words

Hello, I am Bijal and living in navarangpura, Ahmedabad. We have seen amazing pond and sunset point in the way from mount abu to gurushikhar way. Few time back we have gone there with my brother Akash pate, Vishal patel, Jaimin Pate, Kashyap Patel, Shreyansh patel along with my bhabhi Saroj and my sister Meghna. That pond was so beautiful ad there is one small pathway which lead to velly. In the pond we have seen small crocodile also, they were two. The green jungle around was amazing to see. You also explore such place when you are on journey.


[Article submitted by Bijal Kankhara Email:]

One thought on “Mount Abu – Tour experience

  • April 29, 2014 at 8:27 am

    Kamal Jain,

    jay Shri Krishna,

    We liked to read and nice,
    Cruising on a tour of the place has a different meaning.

    Gujarat State of the world is a great place to hike.

    Jisne Gujarat nahi dekha…….usne kuch nahi dekha…….


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