Fraud of Reliance Broadband | Cheating Customers

Today Navgujarat Samay, this portal, would open eyes of all users who use Reliance Broadband. This article is aiming that what tactics and fraud is used by Reliance Broadband. How they are cheating customers? Forget about their service as there is no service but only harassment from Reliance Broadband. We will sample one user Whose name is Harshad Patel and residing at Ghatlodiya, Ahmedabad. His current reliance user is is 398105580561.


Lets start with current scenario. His connection, as usual, got disconnected last 7th of June, 2015. He complained their customer care and as usual he got reply that connection would be resolved in 24 hours. That was the day and today is day – his connection never worked so far. What he did? He complained almost every day. All the time local line man close the complain (Linename name is Jaypal) by logging anything like cable fault was there, connection is now ok. Fact is that connection never worked. He complained Nodal officer and wasted more than 100 rs in calling nodal officers regularly. All the time he got same reply that we would make sure your connection get restored. Well, that never happened.

He further got all the officers contact details who look after in Ahmedabad and they were Mr. Sunil Patel, Mr. Shukla, Mr. Devang, Mr. Sachet. Out of these officer only Mr Sachet forwarded his complained and tried to get answer and no one else.

He also went to RCOM twitter handle but got no solution. About 10 days back when he called Mr. Devang (Thanks to Mr. Rama Yadav who joined line with him) and Mr. Devang bluntly told that there is underground fault and that is why connection is not working. To which customer Harshad replied that he can provide videography of entire cable that it is not underground cable fault but actually cable which comes to his premise is old one [Since connection took Mr. Jaypal provided faulty cable and said in few days he will replace with new cable, but he never replaced for the fact] When forced to repair connection he traced local line man Jaypal who is major culprit and Jaypal said with no shame that he, actually, has no new cable and that is why he is closing complain randomly without any solution. Strange is that other connection within same flat are working fine and line man just had excuse a or b for not coming to solve his complain.

Now when customer forced to get his connection repaired he has been told that Reliance Company has no new cable. This is pathetic reply he got after one month. Why on earth they run broadband company if they dont have cable to replace client’s faulty one. And for the fact do they had any new connection in last one and half month as if they dont have new cable. Matter of fact is they are just pathetic in service and fooling customer. They lack professional assistance to customer.

Now customer is preparing to go to consumer court.

Adding real shame to Rcom Broadband customer Harshad further revealed that it isĀ  not his first connection. For first connection he paid some advance rental but Rcom abruptly terminated his connection and forced him to take new connection along with new security deposit and connection charge. Find his mail to company for that as below:


Now few question for RCOM BROADBAND:

  • Was this the vision of late Dhirubhai Ambani?
  • Is this the way to run service based business?
  • Does not it criminal to harass customer this way?
  • What about hours he wasted in complaining ??
  • Do any day his connection would get work?

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  • September 24, 2018 at 9:50 am

    Finally they are no more! reprive


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