Which evil to be burned this Dussehra?

I was then too young, 10 years. You can call it kid and it was the first time my father took me at Kankaria Football ground where effigy of Ravan get burned and busted with crackers. People cheers a lot loud and joyous vibration could be felt in air then. And this custom observed at many place to celebrate symbolic victory of Ram over Ravan ages back in Ramayana era.

Alright, Ravan was evil and burned. Now let it make more sensible this Dussehra rather than just eating some sweets, having new vechicle purchased, new shop opened, new house warming happened or any such auspicious thing done. Let think of any evil we have within us, within our society. As they say everyone has hidden evil inside even if it does not come out often and not visible to others. So which evil you want to burn out of yours or society this Dussehra. We will put you with this question on this festival. Hint could be anything from anger, crime to woman by society, unsafe driving, popping in unnecessary to others life, any addiction like smoking or alcohol or just anything and this list could be endless.

So what is your take on this Dussehra?

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  • January 11, 2021 at 9:43 pm

    Dead written subject matter, appreciate it for entropy. Esther Eddie Wardieu


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