Bullshit again : Hell No

It was 25th August morning. Previous night i was working till late and thought to wake up late. But i heard some noice outside which made me have curious look and eventually break my sleep early morning. What i could see then was few people from my society gathered near gate wearing cap of Patidar Anamat Andolan, shouting slogans and were getting ready to go for the rally which was going to lead by Hardik Patel, a self acclaimed captain of Patel community. I can see them as innocent people who are motivated by name of community and cause of reservation which does not stand on many distinct the way Hardik Patel was leading. No vision and violence spewed in his words. Any one with neutral vision could see him as highly motivated for, mostly, personal reason, wanna be leader and may be politician later on.

Ok. He pulled huge crowd that day. Orated inflammatory words and what he did and eventually exposed was his ego, hidden motivation to become leader. Amateur you can call him but could not escape his guilt of misguiding entire community and giving bad name to the state. How? All knows what happens on that evening and continued till couple of days. Burned public properties, many youth lost their life either participating mob or just innocently passing by the mob and clashes with police. Yes, police been cruel and somewhat partial but you really can not blame them entirely as leader who lead this andolan is equally responsible as leader has responsibility to manage how his follower would behave and do. Hardip patel failed miserably to achieve cause of reservation and failed in attempt to be hero either. Yes, people supported and was not because of him any day but because of cause for the community as they seen. But then what common man got was anarchy and complete mess of routine life. Internet was banned, curfew was imposed, public transport disrupted, train has stopped, many commuters strained in the middle of the travel. Few of them had medical emergency or their career or business at stake. Do we afford such things at these age and time of development and stiff competition even just to survive. Hell no.

Now again yesterday Hardik patel arrested doing rally which was not permitted by police. People on few part of state started protesting, road jam and gathering started. Again internet banned in some part of the state. Question is : Are we ready for such bullshit again? Hell no.

I openly support to reconsider reservation system in India and i would bend no words to describe reservation system is only child of bloody vote bank politics in india and which will not lead backward people forward any day any time. But leading any reservation strike on violent note is big no any day.

People are smart and throw such leader from the peak once they get exposed and we can see that there is no hoopla this time for his arrest as been last time. But we certainly dont want incidence of 25th August night and couple of days later then, now any day.

Bullshit again, hell no.

[P.S. I am also patel but ashamed of leader like hardik patel who mislead community for his personal stake who has no vision]

One thought on “Bullshit again : Hell No

  • September 26, 2015 at 5:53 am

    I second this article but patel reservation also needed. Good leader are there. We should support it.


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