Bigg Boss 9 : Tell us why you are excited?

Bigg boss season 9 is round the corner. Starting 11th october we will have huge popular reality show for our daily dosage of entertainment. You can call bigg boss is different of all reality show and ‘baap’ of all of them. Popularity of bigg boss is there for many reason. One of it is controversial contestants ranging from Rahul Mahajan, Sambhavna Sheth, Raja Chaudhry, Dolly Bindra, Pooja Mishra, Gauhar Khan, Arman Kohli, Kamal R Khan, Ali Mirza to Imam siddique and many.We had total fun when such character had their life of pie in the house and created not just trouble but total mess for other contestants. Some time bigg boss crew too had tough time to handle and monitor such contestants as they had violent streak and total psycho attitude sometime.
Another reason of popularity of the show is because of the host of this show. No doubt Salman Khan is the best suited for this role as he seemingly personally attached with the show and his style of anchoring rather bashing contestants loved by many and equally talked for taking blatant side of few contestants. His personal involvement in what is going on in the house and his hard hitting view on all event when he appears on week end is something loved by many.
Also we get to know our all contestants by their behavior, character and many personal things about them. So sometime it is great to see our favorite actor/model/actress/personality doing the stuff inside house in front of real camera for so many days.
Now let us know why you love bigg boss the most.

What you love about Bigg Boss the most?

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