Bigg Boss 9 Premier review : Salman Rocks

Let me confess it first, this is not a review of Bigg Boss 9 as it says headline of this article, I lied there. Why i am not calling this is a review because review has to be one karma – unbiased opinion. You will not find here. As i am not just big fan of bigg boss show itself but passionate and many time biased towards my favorite contestants so certainly this can not be review but more than that.

Yesterday wait for Bigg Boss lover has been over with Salman Khan started season 9 of Bigg Boss.
First impressions out of this premier:

Salman Khan and only Salman Khan can be host of this show as he is not just best fit around but he takes personal interest in all happening in the house and apparently emotionally attached to the show. His sense of humor and fear-no-one kind of opinion to contestants and events that happens in the house in his iconic style has no match. Viewer just loves it. This is the reason you will find any bigg boss fan either loving him or hating him and nothing in between. This is his style and this was again seen in opening episode.

Contestants of this season are apparently appears seasoned and picked up with great casting effort. Entertainment and entertainment is guaranteed in coming three months. Concept of pair could bring more fire to the house. And if not, Bigg Boss is a big player to manipulate fight with giving tasks that way so no dull moment any day also guaranteed.

Just wait few more days and we will have start opinion about contestants so we are silent till then about comments on any contestants.

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