Kejarival is mad and twitter enjoys that term

Our home minister Sushil SHinde called Arvind Kejarival “Yeda” (Yeda means mad in marathi) and twitter buzz started to make fun of kejariwal.

Read few tweets:


Rajdeep Sardesai@sardesairajdeep

Never thought that good ol ‘Yeda‘ would trend on twitter! Is twitter Yeda or is it our netas?

Shinde:Dinner mein kya hai? Cook:Sir;Chicken leg Drumstick hai,Paya hai.. Shinde:Abe Yeda hai,din mein bhi foot in mouth,Raat mein bhi…

#ShamelessShinde#Yeda कहकर पेड़ा खिलाते हो ? ख़ासी को बढाते हो ?

Kejariwal will now conduct a public opinion.. for YEDA say yes or no..send it to 456778..LOLZ

On a scale of 1 to AAP, How stupid can someone become? (1 – is least stupid)

Shinde actually said …”Yeda hai par mera hai” .. After all.. Kejriwal is a “Twisted Congress Stooge” .. So whats wrong?

Pls don’t say Yeda to them. They will feel bad. N they will start dharna

Being Yeda‘ T-shirts from #AAP can give tough competitions to ‘Being Human/Tiger/Dabangg’ T-shirts from Salman Khan.

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